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The lecture for advanced Die and Mold design engineer (cooperation with Fukuoka-ken)


It is said that the manufacturing industry is one of the industries with a high economic ripple effect within all industries. And the bottom raising of the technical capabilities of the small and medium-sized enterprises in regard of manufacturing is recognized to be politically important. Since especially the die has played the important role to the productivity and quality of manufacturing, it becomes important to strengthen the technical capabilities of Die and Mold design & manufacturing.
The Advanced Mold and Die Technology Center is conducting the lecture and the exercise from the time of the foundation about newest Die and Mold design, analysis, and processing technology for the leading engineer of small and medium-sized enterprises. These works are undertaken cooperating with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the Fukuoka-ken department-of-commerce-and-industry small-to-medium-sized-enterprises technology development division, etc.