Welcome remark

Hiroyuki Narahara,
   Director, Advanced Mold and Die Technology Center


In the northern part Kyushu zone in which Kyushu Institute of Technology is located, the volume of car production was extended from the beginning of the 21st century. In order to increase the further volume of car production, the improvement in local supply was needed.

In order to increase local supply, the adult education to the leading engineer of small and medium-sized enterprises is recognized to be effective on a long-term view. Within automobile-related technology, it was considered to be pressing need to raise an advanced Die and Mold design engineer with a high industrial propagation effect.

Within such the circumstances, the Advanced Mold and Die Technology Center of Kyushu Institute of Technology was established in 2004. The Advanced Mold and Die Technology Center is set up as missions from the time of center foundation, as follows:

  • Base institution of “human resource development, manufacturing” .
  • Developments of advanced mold & die technologies

From the “academic” standpoint of industrial, administrative and academic sectors, our center will offer support in “the formation of a partner.”