Engineer education

The lecture for advanced Die and Mold design engineer (cooperation with Fukuoka-ken)


It is said that the manufacturing industry is one of the industries with a high economic ripple effect within all industries. And the bottom raising of the technical capabilities of the small and medium-sized enterprises in regard of manufacturing is recognized to be politically important. Since especially the die has played the important role to the productivity and quality of manufacturing, it becomes important to strengthen the technical capabilities of Die and Mold design & manufacturing.
The Advanced Mold and Die Technology Center is conducting the lecture and the exercise from the time of the foundation about newest Die and Mold design, analysis, and processing technology for the leading engineer of small and medium-sized enterprises. These works are undertaken cooperating with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the Fukuoka-ken department-of-commerce-and-industry small-to-medium-sized-enterprises technology development division, etc.

Education of Mold & Die Design


If a Mold or a Die is used by parts manufacturing, the overwhelming productivity and cost reduction which cannot be realized in other production methods are achievable. However, this is a production method based on transfer of Mold surface shape. It is necessary to design and manufacture a still more highly precise Mold rather than the precision of parts.
A Mold is an important component engineering supporting the basis of manufacturing connected directly to the quality of a product, cost, and an appointed date of delivery.
It is important for the manufacturing establishment of a state to maintain and evolve domestic Mold design capability for years to come. 

In order to bring up a student’s practical design capability, Mold design education is conducted through cooperation with companies or Japan Die & Mold Industry Association.

Collaboration with local company

Our center is tied up to original new engineering developments and commercial production based on industrial, administrative and academic sectors cooperation, making the seeds of our center, and the dominance domain of small and medium-sized enterprises match.

Development of the design titanium spoon which pursues functionality

Evaluation for elderly people

Cooperation with the “titanium F-studio” which consists of five small and medium-sized enterprises in Fukuoka-ken, and an Advanced Mold and Die Technology Center realized commercial production of the spoon made of titanium.
Titanium is half lightness from steel and stainless steel which are usually used for the material of a spoon. Moreover, it is known as a material which cannot cause allergy easily so that it may be used as a medical-application material.
While titanium has many features, such as corrosion-resistant height, it has the challenge that manufacturing is difficult.

The Advanced Mold and Die Technology Center has the technology of minute-izing of the metallic crystal which makes forging of a thick titanium material easy. Furthermore, in the center, it was developed based on 3D Design and 3D printer technology. KANSEI evaluation was conducted in order to aim at improvement in grip feeling, and improvement in the feeling to eat. Technical cooperation in design titanium spoon development was performed.


The article on design titanium spoon development was published. Read article Read article2


Factory shop training


Students are made to understand through training what kind of processing method and machine tool are used for the parts currently used for familiar goods, and a Mold.
An understanding of the machinery manufacturing process is deepened in the student education through manufacturing and the assembly of the machine part.
The Advanced Mold and Die Technology Center provides manufacturing training with the machine tools used for Mold fabrication.

Youth monozukuri enlightment activities